Remember, planets tell you what parts of yourself, signs describe the flavor with which those parts will manifest, the houses let you know which areas of your life those parts will manifest most and aspects show the ways all the different parts interact.



  • Sun: your conscious self or identity
  • Moon: your emotional, intuitive self 
  • Ascendant: your mask, how you present to the world
  • South Node: your karmic wound, the way you trip yourself up
  • North Node: your karmic remedy, if learned, the way you can most evolve
  • Mercury: your mind, your speech, your fluidity
  • Venus: your aesthetic, both social and material
  • Mars: your drive, your inner fire, also your fears
  • Saturn: your sense of discipline and values, also your limitations 
  • Jupiter: your sense of generosity, faith and trust, also your luck 
  • Uranus: your radical changing unbounded self, also that coming from left field
  • Neptune: your spiritual and dreaming self, your connection to the Divine
  • Pluto: your heavier/dark self, your connection to bare bones reality and your work therein
  • Chiron: your distracting wound or your potential gift



  • Aries: the warrior, the activator, the initiator (willful, brave, spontaneous, active)
  • Taurus: the laborer, the lover (physical/sensual, patient, slow & steady, wise)
  • Gemini: the communicator, the information gatherer (communicative, curious, defocused, busy)
  • Cancer: the mother, the protector, the caregiver (nurturing, protective, undaunted, internal)
  • Leo: the child, the king, the actor (demonstrative, innocent, demanding, needing)
  • Virgo: the servant, the healer, the accountant (discriminative, critical, helpful, perfectionist)
  • Libra: the judge, the adjustor, the mediator (unattached, balanced, objective, harmonious)
  • Scorpio: the taboo breaker, the secret knower (evasive, skeptical, edgy, penetrating)
  • Sagittarius: the student, the teacher, the questor (hungry, vibrant, seeking, impulsive)
  • Capricorn: the doer, the moralist, the stoic (earnest, focused, resolved, methodical)
  • Aquarius: the networker, the visionary (revolutionary, innovative, detached, inspirational)
  • Pisces: the dreamer, the mystic (sensitive, imaginative, nonlinear, intuitive)



  • 1st House: sense of identity
  • 2nd House: sense of self worth/values
  • 3rd House: language/communication
  • 4th House: roots/family/private face
  • 5th House: creativity/children/play
  • 6th House: daily routine/health
  • 7th House: intimate & close relationships
  • 8th House: shadows/taboo/painful truths
  • 9th House: higher learning/travel
  • 10th House: profession/public face
  • 11th House: community/social obligations
  • 12th House: retreat/spirituality/isolation



  • Conjunction: fusion or integration
  • Sextile: activation or stimulation
  • Square: friction or crossed swords
  • Trine: stabilization or solidifying
  • Quincunx: apples & oranges - mixed messages
  • Opposition: tug of war or teeter totter