Please Note that for ALL NEW FOLKS - we must start with a Natal/Karmic Reading. This reading is the fundamental basis for all others readings, without a firm grasp and understanding of this foundation, all other readings are slip shod (and while you might know yourself or chart quite well, I don't, so if you want me to do a good job, then we both must start at the beginning).

HOW THIS WORKS: You send me your data (as requested below for each different reading). I email you a write up on your chart. Write-ups are usually between 9-13 typed pages (regular font & margins in word - so there is a lot of meaty information). You then send me payment via PayPal. And after, we have some time with Q&A via email. I prefer to be paid after I send you your write up as then I do not feel pressured to speed through anyone's reading because others have paid me and are waiting. I like to keep things organic. Because I usually have a queue of 3-4 people, I ask your respect for everyone in that you are timely with both your responses, questions and your payment.

YOU GET TO CHOOSE: I can either do a "blind' reading (this is the most common) - where you send me your data and I just take it from there. I will email you a write-up. Any questions you have we can address during the Q&A. Or, when you send me your birth data you can also include any questions you have, places you feel stuck, repetitive issues or current problems etc. This method can give me insights when looking at the chart. This can be helpful because the chart is a symbolic representation of metaphors - meaning groups of symbols often describe many different images and possibilities. Knowing some background story helps me choose the ones that will resonate best for you.

The choice is yours entirely, though I tend to suggest blind readings as a preference as it can help establish a level of trust, in that if what I send you rings true, than you can feel confident that I am not simply basing the reading on information you have already provided. This is helpful when it comes to sticky bits or things you might not be so open to hearing.

CAVIATS: Please note that I do not read for children for the edification of the parent/loved one regardless of the situation. It is hard enough to find your own feet without your well meaning loved one telling you what you need to do/be. I am however happy to give a reading for your child provided that they contact me themselves and give permission for you to be included in the reading. Similarly I will only read for a 3rd party after I have received confirmation from them giving their permission to do a reading on them. I will only send that reading to the 3rd party and leave it in their court to share the information with you or copy you with their permission.

While I know this is disappointing to people, please understand that a Natal Reading is a very deeply personal thing. It gets into the nitty gritty of a person's drives and motivations as well as their shadows, weaknesses and vulnerabilities, which they may or may not be ready to actually share or fully accept. This information could in unfavorable circumstances cause damage or potentially give someone unfair leverage over another. These caveats are my way of doing my best not to be complicit in such possibilities.

EXCHANGE: I have been offering readings on a donation basis since 2010. Some years this has worked better than others. Ultimately though, it has left me feeling drained, both energetically and financially. I spend a lot of time with your chart to give you the best and most thorough reading that I am able. This means that I am not "fast". I like to spend time getting to know your chart and sometimes that means dreaming on your chart, working via trance or other "woo-woo" methods I have trained in, in addition to just using straight astrology to look at a chart.

While I still adamantly believe that EVERYONE can benefit from an astrology reading and so everyone should be able to get one, I will no longer be offering readings on a donation basis.

I don't know what your financial situation is and so while I have listed a price for each reading, I am still willing to work on a sliding scale on a case by case basis. Regardless of your financial situation, if you would like a reading, please contact me and I will do my best to work with you.



  •   Natal/Karmic Reading· Requirements: Birth Data (date, time, and place), current location. $150 USD

This is a reading of your birth chart. This is perhaps the best tool to use to get in touch with your core life issues and drives. I will focus on the main themes with emphasis on the specific karmic aspects of your chart. It helps explain what your sticking points and why they are here. It will give you useful tools that you can try and apply for these things. It will talk to you about the shadow sides of different configurations so that you can be alert to the ways you might shoot yourself in the foot. It will also give you a way forward - medicine so to speak, areas to focus on and things keep in mind to help maximize your evolutionary potential. I always look at your current transits and progressions so that I have an idea of what might be up for you currently and thus can lean the reading toward those things (this is why I ask for your current location).

  • Solar Returns· Requirements: Birth data, current location, as well as where you were at/plan to be at for your next birthday.  $125 USD (This reading is only available after you have has a natal reading).

This is a "birthday reading". It looks at the themes for your year ahead (from one birthday to the next). It often can show you what types of issues you will face on a very "solar" level - things having to do with ego development.... by the way; "ego" is not a dirty word. It highlights the themes of your year in terms of your conscious development and what that means for your soul journey. It will look at karmic patterning for the year - the ways your natal nodal structure is being expressed this year and how you can best focus your energies to really get the most from your evolutionary lessons.

  • Transits & Progressions Reading· Requirements: Birth Data, current location, time period you would like covered. If you know you will be elsewhere during the time period covered by the T&P reading, please include that as well. $125 USD (This reading is only available after you have has a natal reading).

This reading explores how the current or future unfolding of energy is working upon your chart specifically. It can take a detailed look at say a month or a broader look of a year or focus on a particular planet over a cycle of years. It looks more closely at dates of aspectual events and as a result can be more explicative about how to focus your attention. This reading will not cover all of the planets, but rather highlight the important themes for the given time period. Some planets move very quickly (like the Moon), so describing the influences of transiting Moon on you for a year would simply be a waste of both our times. This reading is the most helpful one however when you are trying to time events.

  • HALF Synastry/Composite Reading· Requirements: Birth Data for both parties, "birth data" for the relationship - i.e.: when/where you met (date, place and time if possible). $150 (This reading is only available after you have has a natal reading).

This is known as a "compatibility reading" or "relationship reading". Unlike the Full Synastry Reading (see below) it will only look at how another person's chart works upon yours, how they will teach and trigger you and what karmic influences might be at play. It will describe what being in a relationship with this person might mean for you. It will not describe them to you, nor will it tell you much about them. This reading WILL NOT help you to understand the other person and where they are coming from. It is not about them. It is about YOU. It will help you understand how this person might influence and effect you. As its scope is not them, it will by its nature be far less detailed than a Full Synastry Reading. For this reading I do not need permission from the other person to do the reading.

  • FULL Synastry/Composite Reading· Requirements: Birth Data for both parties, "birth data" for the relationship - i.e.: when/where you met (date, place and time if possible). $250 (This reading is only available after BOTH parties have had natal readings).

This is also known as a "compatibility reading" or "relationship reading" (see above). Unlike a half reading, it helps to understand the energies working between you and another person. It looks both at how you BOTH act upon one another, how you each teach and trigger one another. It shows how the 2 karmic paths interact. It also talks about the kind of "3rd" party that is created by the relationship itself - meaning when 2 people come together an "us" is created - it is neither wholly one person nor the other, neither is it simply the sum of its parts. For all intents and purposes it is an entity unto itself, with its own karma and its own focus and lessons. For this reading both parties need to have had a natal reading first. Both parties must send me confirmation that they agree to have the reading done and the reading will be sent to both parties.


If you are interested in what I offer, please use the link ( OR use the Contact Me tab at the top of the page in the green bar. I will need the following information:

  • ·     Name (feel free to use an alias)
  • ·     Email address (that you want the reading sent to)
  • ·     Date of birth (month, day, year)
  • ·     Time of birth (as close to the minute as possible since the houses move every 3 minutes. If you do not know your exact time of birth, do some sleuthing with your family members etc., sometimes it has been written down in a baby book - alternatively you can contact the government office of records of the place you were born. Do NOT ask for a copy of your birth certificate as often that will not include the time; however most places will have the time of birth recorded as a matter of rote. You will need to ask for it specifically.)
  • ·     Place of birth (please note the nearest big city to help me locate if it is a small town)
  • ·     What kind of reading you would like (which of the readings on offer and whether you would like it blind or contextual. If contextual, please also send the background questions/info along with your birth data as this saves time back and forth)

You will not get a reading based on computerized regurgitated information from any program. You will however learn some astrology from just a reading. I will clearly explain the symbols and what they might suggest, so that you too can apply your own brain to your chart and understand it for yourself. I do have a primitive glossary of terms (at the top of the page in the green bar) here on the site you can use to help you reference, but again there are many other sites that do a more detailed job at this.

Once I receive all of your information, I will look at it and email you back giving you an idea of what my schedule is like and then slot you into the queue. 

Again, you can pay me via PayPal.

If you have follow-up questions, they can be emailed to me during the Q&A. I always allow for time and will try to answer as best I can. 

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOUR FEEDBACK HELPS. If you would like to give some feedback or read what some others have to say, please visit the "guest book/comments" - see page tab to the left of each page. Recommendations and referrals are most appreciated!!!!