July 2014 Addendum: So i am in this real dilemma:

I want people to have astrology readings. I personally think it could help make the world a better place. If i can help that happen, it would go a long way in making my last breath be one that has me feeling good about all the breaths that came before. I also want to be able to afford to take those breaths, and for that i need to either do LESS astrology and earn more actual wage or do MORE astrology and actually get paid something for it. 

So what does one do? I've got Capricorn on my 2nd house cusp. If someone tells me "my suggested price is X, but pay what you can", i am gonna pay X or not have the work done. A pride issue i have to work on perhaps, but it also means i know that there are other humans out there who will choose not to get a reading even if it could be really helpful for them to do so. I want to make a way for those folks to come to me and have a reading. I also want people to value what i do and then compensate me honorably for it, otherwise it is hard not to feel taken advantage of - and well, how can you do good work with that sitting anywhere in your heart?

I am not sure what folks think happens from the astrologers end, nor what other astrologers do, but I’ve got Mercury in Virgo along with all that Scorpio, 8th and 12th house stuff.... i can't just plop myself down in front of the computer and spew for a few hours, walk away and feel good about it. Astrology is complicated. It is not like reading a map where point A leads to point B. I am not just translating or taking dictation. Astrology is a really intricate craft. Every chart is unique, just like every person is. I actually try to look at everything, i spend days with your chart for a reason - i want it to sink in deeply. I want to get a sense of who you might be and what you might be going through; i want to figure out how to say these things to you in the way you might best be able to receive it. I don't just look at your chart, i try to live with it for a while, sifting it, meditating on it... i dream some charts, i pray on them, i go into trance, i talk to spirits about it... i know, starts to sound a little out there and over the top, and maybe i just need to learn how to just chill out and turn this work into a simple job..... But then how could i love it? This is my calling and i am not going to do less than as much as i am able. I aim to feel good about that last breath and as many of those leading up to it as possible.

Last winter i lived without heat. This year i am living in a tent. These are MY choices - i am making them both willingly and consciously. You vote with your dollar and for me it is more important to be able to buy organic food than it is to be able to walk around during winter in short sleeves or have running water in the summer. I say all this because i want you to be fully cognizant of what it means when i say the following:

Available Offers: Readings by Donation. THIS DOES NOT MEAN FREE.

If after you receive your reading, you feel it right to do so and are in a position to send a monetary donation i would appreciate it, as it helps me to continue to do this work and also further my studies. (If you would like to send a donation - please mail send what feels right to J. Bryl @ PO Box 672, Scottsville, VA 24590)

IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE to send any money, well offer something else… pray for my practice, go to your local SPCA spend time volunteering, make actual lasting eye contact with the next homeless person you meet. Give as good as you get. At the very least you can leave a recommendation or give me a referral.

It is about reciprocity. I have faith in it. So should you.... contact me.

  •   Natal/Karmic Readings

This is a reading of your birth chart. This is perhaps the best tool to use to get in touch with your core life issues and drives. I will focus on the main themes with emphasis on specific karmic aspects of the chart (i.e.: Moon, Pluto, Neptune & the North and South Nodes).

  • Solar Returns·    

This is a "birthday reading". It looks at the themes for your year ahead (from one birthday to the next). It often can show you what types of issues you will face on a very "solar" level - things having to do with ego development.... by the way, "ego" is not a dirty word. (This reading is only available after you have had a natal reading)

  • Transits & Progressions Reading·    

This reading explores how the current or future unfolding of energy is working upon your chart specifically. It can take a detailed look at say a month or a broader look of a year or focus on a particular planet over a cycle of years. It looks more closely at dates of aspectual events and as a result can be more explicative about how to focus your attention. (This reading is only available after you have has a natal reading)

  • Synastry/Composite Reading·    

This is also known as "compatibility" readings. It helps to understand the energies working between you and another person. It looks both at how you act upon one another, but also the kind of "3rd" party that is created by the relationship. For this reading both parties natal data is required and it is very helpful as well if you have the date/time/location of when you first met. (This reading is only available after you both have had natal readings)

If you are interested in what i offer, please use the link (evolvingastrologer@gmail.com) OR use the Contact Me tab at the top of the page in the green bar. I will need the following information:

  • ·     Name (feel free to use an alias)
  • ·     Email address
  • ·     Date of birth
  • ·     Time of birth
  • ·     Place of birth (please note the nearest big city to help me locate if it is a small town)

 What You Will Get

You will not get a reading of computerized regurgitated information from any program. There are many of those types available online. Please see the links section (at the top of the page in the green bar) which will take you to sites that will give you a chart and "cut and paste" reading for FREE.

.... Remember that story about the 3 blind men describing an elephant? .... One at the trunk, one at the leg and one at the tail…each telling the truth, but only in part - none of it integrated, and therefore each of them false as well. In my opinion, such readings are often like that. They are not useless, but all limited in their own way.

You will learn astrology from just a reading. I will clearly explain the symbols and what they might suggest, so that you too can apply your own brain to your chart and understand it for yourself. I do have a primitive glossary of terms (at the top of the page in the green bar) here on the site you can use to help you reference, but again there are many other sites that do a more detailed job at this.

Once I receive all of your information, i will look at it and email you back giving you an idea of what my schedule is like and then slot you into the queue.  

If you would like to send a donation - please mail send whatever feels right to J. Bryl @ PO Box 672, Scottsville, VA 24590

If you have follow-up questions, they can be emailed to me and i will try to answer as best i can.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOUR FEEDBACK HELPS. If you would like to give some feedback or read what some others have to say, please visit the "guest book/comments" - see page tab to the left of each page. Recommendations and referrals are most appreciated!!!!