Evolutionary Astrology will not fix anything......

.....Nor does it dictate outcomes. The universe is a matrix of energy and vibration. It all flows like a river. We are at once part of the river and simultaneously carried upon it. We can move against the currents or with them.  The dance of the planets/stars across the heavens are simply a navigational toolset, as much now as they were for the ancient mariner. Astrology cannot steer your ship for you. Only your own will and intention can do that. It might however provide a light or an angle of possibility that was not available to you before, thereby helping to strengthen that will and guide that intention.

Evolutionary Astrology is aimed not only to help you recognize your own karmic tendencies but more importantly to maximize your evolutionary potential and help align yourself with the universe as it flows to you and through you.

Evolutionary Astrology is not an attempt to define you, but rather it is a spiritual and metaphysical study, that uses your life as a vehicle to address the evolution of your soul.

It bases its core principals on the idea that there are two sides to every manifestation of energy; one more helpful, one less so. It is not about judging you or anyone else. It is about awaking to your own potential.  In doing so it often takes a very Eastern perspective, in that it invokes the concepts of karma and past lives, lessons and wounds. This is only one way to look at it. Regardless of your belief system, i think that one could easily choose to use the words “habits” rather than “karma” and “childhood or adult traumas” rather than “past life wounds”. The results would be equally as helpful.

And that is the main thrust of evolutionary astrology – to be helpful. To help you grow. To help you address the habits and ways that keep you from being the joyful and ever curious awakened being that you are meant to be.