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My Chart 

For those of you that understand a bit of astrology, you can see the strong Scorpio, 8th house, Pluto signature. Consider yourselves warned.

For those of you that don't understand astrological jargon... I like to dig into the mucky dark hidden places. It is what I am wired to be curious about, because it is what I understand best. I am good at seeing cracks and exploring them. I tend not to mince my words. People who love me have either the ability not to take anything too personally, have gia-normously huge and compassionate hearts, or in the very least very tough skin (a combination of the 3 is preferred).

There is also a lot of Virgo & 9th house signatures, which means that I am detail oriented and have a natural affinity to pattern recognition. I not only explore the cracks, I pick them apart and look at the patterns and potential hidden inside them.

Don't let any of this scare you! While I cannot promise to be gentle, I do promise to come from a place of compassion (Cancer does cusp my 8th house after all...). There is no point to any of this for me if I am not in some way helping you awaken to the wonder and possibility of your own path.


 About My Practice

I first became interested in astrology when a dear friend whose parents had taught her the astrological ropes so to speak, offered to look at my chart for me. We sat down together and her first reaction upon looking at my chart was to burst out into laughter, as though she had just gotten the punch line to a very funny joke.

I was hooked.

There is a lot of information on astrology out there and if you have delved into any of it, you know that it can turn your head into a mish-mosh of anxiety and confusion, coming close to providing clues in some areas and in others entirely missing the boat.

There is plenty of good stuff out there too, and like they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And he did. Steven Forrest is in my humble opinion a light in the darkness - and not limited simply to the world of Astrology. He is profound, literate, expressive and very funny. Unlike many very adept astrologers, his style and language both in a chart reading and in his books are very approachable regardless of your level of astrological knowledge. Unfortunately he is also very popular and has a long waiting list. However, if you can wait, go get a reading from him. Go to his site, I promise that you won’t regret it.

I believe that evolutionary astrology is one of the more helpful tools by which to come to a practical understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses and how to use that knowledge on this journey of life we are all on.

I am an ongoing student of astrology, among other things. I have been professionally reading since 2010 and studying for much longer than that, but I am still learning this craft. I love it and it shows for in all these years of practice I have a "more than satisfied" rating of roughly 98%. I initially started this site to help with my study of astrology.

I am 47 years old.  As mentioned in describing my chart, I have an innate love of patterns, philosophy, psychology, spirituality and cultural traditions. I have background of study/practice in not only astrology, but numerology and the tarot as well. I have a lifelong passion of plants and herbal medicine. I have been practicing Qi Gong for over 15 years and spent many years as an avid student of both Tai Chi and Yoga. I have studied (and thus practiced) Buddhism, Christianity and Shamanism. I consider myself an eclectically spiritual person with no affiliation with any one religious doctrine or belief system. I love science too! True to my Sagittarian rising sign I draw from many religious, cultural, scientific and philosophical teachings and practices and bring them all to bear in my interactions with the universe at large (and small), this means the readings I give often touch on many of these disciplines. They are all tools in my toolkit.

I feel that Truth is too big for any one person to hold. We each carry a part of it. I believe in the principals of reciprocity and synchronicity. It is my hope that perhaps the universe will align itself so that those people for whom I might be able to provide insight will find this site and consider a reading thereby improving my knowledge and evolution and hopefully also theirs.