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I first became interested in astrology when a dear friend whose parents had taught her the astrological ropes so to speak, offered to look at my chart for me. We sat down together and her first reaction upon looking at my chart was to burst out into laughter, as though she had just gotten the punch line to a very funny joke.

I was hooked.

There is a lot of information on astrology out there and if you have delved into any of it, know that it can turn your head into a mish-mosh of anxiety and confusion, coming close to providing clues in some areas and in others entirely missing the boat.

There is plenty of good stuff out there too, and like they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And he did. Steven Forrest is in my humble opinion a light in the darkness - and not limited simply to the world of Astrology. He is profound, literate, expressive and very funny. Unlike many very adept astrologers, his style and language both in a chart reading and in his books are very approachable regardless of your level of astrological knowledge. If you can afford a reading from him, please go to his site and do so. I promise that you won’t regret it.

If your budget is one that does not allow for such luxury or your level of interest is one where you would like to put your toes in to test the water, then perhaps i am the astrologer for you.

I believe that evolutionary astrology is one of the more helpful tools by which to come to a practical understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses and how to use that knowledge on this journey of life we are all on.

I am a student of astrology. I am learning this craft with much enthusiasm and seeming success. I started this site to help with that study. I believe in the principals of reciprocity and synchronicity. It is my hope that perhaps the universe will align itself so that those people for whom i might be able to provide insight will find this site and consider a reading thereby improving my knowledge and hopefully also theirs.