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Soul Retrieval 

Well, i came across this article by Philip Segwick - astronomer-astrologer-philosoper...

all around interesting guy... anyway, i am not allowed to post it, but i wanted to at least post a link to it here.

It is about a point in the universe called the Super Galactic Center (ZS) - 2 degrees Libra (3 minutes). The largest known black hole around which over 30 galaxies, including ours - turn. He writes about some of the astrological consequences about this degree point for which i have no data to correlate or argue against... he is highly reputable in all of his fields and all of his thoughts about this point are interesting nonetheless, but what i really liked was his simpe visualization excersize at the end of the article.

I wanted to bring it to reader's attention, because this coming New Moon (27 Sept) is a perfect time to do some of this type of soul retrieval...

the thing about magic is that you can create your own rituals, but if you want a good suggestion read:http://www.philipsedgwick.com/Galactic/ZS.htm

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