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Why were’re all getting squoze.

It’s easy to just point and say Pluto and Uranus have entered into a square. Everyone knows about it... ok, but what is actually happening energetically and what is the point of all of this upheaval?

Ok, a square - two big things coming together at right angles. Pluto (ruler of all our deepest unconscious rising up into our conscious) in Capricorn (energy of long haul disciplined practicality, no, the integrity that comes with judging yourself by your own measure of the step that came before, facts and stone, King Lear on the cliff and pan that horny little goat god wooing all the women into dancing naked on the hills) is squaring Uranus (ruler of change, surprises, magic, rule breaking and paradigms where paradox folds into itself making anything possible if only we dared to dream it true) in Aries (the beginning energy, the fire, the heat, the daring to reach through dark earth dreaming of spring, that thing within that reaches towards full expression of its own being). They are far away and move slowly, they separate and come back together moving in and out of this square but never leaving it, becoming exact and passing turning and again. We just had another exact pass. There is one more coming up in March. They really have not moved out of orb for the last couple years. And so everything is amping up and with each exact it’s getting zapped by their current – like being given cardio electric shock.  It is everywhere you look – within, without… high and low… left and right…. Families and nations… the cosmos and the planet.

Pluto and Uranus are in cardinal signs, so while a square there is also a kinship. There is a kind of weddedness to beginning, something new, change, willingness. At the same time Neptune has entered into Pisces. Each time in human evolution that this has happened there has also been a flowering of spiritual consciousness in the collective psyche, you see it in the art and music and religious movements. Neptune rules Pisces, so it is a homecoming. The king returns to his place of power. Pisces is the energy of letting go of self and merging with everything, dissolving. It’s like Neptune has traveled one huge turn around all the energies of the zodiac, most recently through Aquarius who is the energy of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, that crazy prophet from the wilderness of the future having gone as far out as possible and looking into beyond and coming back to try and explain that and guide. It’s like Neptune has gone round and collected every energy’s dreams and all our prayers and every inspiration and now is returning home to melt and let it all flow back into the whole. Everything then feels the effects of this melting pot elixir passing right back into us. The light and the dark of it, from throughout time, all the addictions, all the check outs, all the fog and fantasies and all the fireflies and faeries and voices that speak to us from other places than form – Pisces and Neptune rule these too.

And well, when any of this lands on a sensitive area of your natal chart, it’s like you got the volume on high. You are really tuned to that channel… or rather its tuned to you and it is just gonna squeeze until you let go of whatever you are holding onto that is keeping you from flowing where it and everything with it is going.

The thing with energy though and the miracle of human and this plane of existence is that we can direct it with our simple attention. Pure physics. We magnetize things to ourselves – we are co-creating the very universe we experience. We just have to dream it into being… Dark or light, both together… All those huge planetary energies are moving through our bodies and our consciousness and our own electromagnetic fields and we have the ability to have incredible impact on our future as a result. We have a powerful opportunity to make a conscious choice to dream a Way. It’s not like all this change isn’t gonna happen. It’s been happening and now it has arrived. What would happen if we just let go of everything and fell into ourselves fully and fell into Grace and fell into our deepest longing which is often found only by falling into our deepest fear… what dream would we then scatter before us to seed for the place we land, the place we might awaken into.

My personal grandiose presumptuous suggestion for this solstice:

Say a prayer, make a wish, imagine a dream, flow into possibility... cast it out like a seed before you. That is what this time is for - to make welcome the light. Whatever dark space you have created, let something go, it makes an emptiness for this light to fill. Welcome yourself home. Celebrate the light that you yourself carry that seeded you into existence. We can only do this for others, for the whole, to the extent that we are willing to do this for ourselves. As within, so without.


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