I seem to have gotten distracted with my garden and my chickens these past months and have been somewhat neglectful of tuning in online and creating any posts. I don't see this as a "bad" thing necessarily... everything in it's time.

I try to keep that mantra in mind as i contemplate the economies and Europe and here in the States - along with the current political and social climates all over the world. Naturally i also link that with the some very bizarre weather patterns and all the various stories friends and strangers have shared with me over the past several months.

We live in such interesting times... But rather than see this as a "bad" thing. It intrigues me. Yes, it is scary, but it is also very potent.

I don't feel like "change or die!" is the correct response, nor is "let me just work harder, better, faster with less." What i am noticing in my own life and astrologically is that it is a really powerful call to AWAKEN. This does not mean "change what you are doing", and it definitely does not mean "feel bad about what you or what anyone else is doing."

Simply awaken.... as much as you can, as often, for as long as possible. This precious, precious moment - no matter how heart wrenching or dizzying - this is what we have.

It starts with us. Each of us, inside of ourselves, this crazy, messy, wondering thing...what ARE we? Part heart, part brain, part utter mystery; some biological process, perhaps some spiritual evolution and some response to environmental stimulus - all of it swirled together. It always astounds me that so much fits into such a small package.

In support of this process of AWAKENING, i am announcing an indefinite change in my astrology practice. I will no longer be "charging" for my services... so contact me for a reading.

If it helps you and if you find it possible in your reality to send me something that can help support me in mine, well that would be a really great help. If not - no worries.



Well, here we are well into 2012... pretty amazing.

I have really enjoyed reading for everyone who has contacted me. Thank you all so much. I do wish however more of you would leave comments. (*hint-hint*) To help entice response toward that end, i am running a special going forward throughout the year: you get a 10% discount if you leave a testimonial on the guestbook/comments page.

Also i am also running start the year off specials thru the end of February:

  • 15% off to any one returning for another reading
  • refer a friend who gets a reading and you can get your next reading for 20%

The class was great as usual, not only to be able to watch and learn from a master, but also for the cameraderie that is found in the AP group.

One of the things that came up for discussion over the various lunches were the themes of addiction and compulsive behaviors that seem to mark Neptune in Scorpio. Synchronistically it has continued to be a buzz note in several of the readings i have done upon my return as well as in discussion with friends.

I would welcome any comments or observations as well as any personal stories on this theme as specific to your Neptune in Scorpio placement.


Finding myself here in lovely sunny California again, anticipating another class with Steven Forrest. This one will be the second in the series on the current major transits of Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. I always come back from these classes buzzed and hungry for more. Hopefully i can pass on the juice.


Morning folks!

Just wanted to put in a note of appology to not have gotten the New Moon post out any sooner than now. Also wanted to let you know that if you want any more information on the ZS see the articles section for a link to an interesting piece by Phillip Segwick.


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