I offer excerpts from Pesha Joyce Gerler's poem     The Healing Time

                                     Finally on my way to yes 
                                     I bump into 
                                     all the places 
                                     where I said no 
                                     to my life 
                                      all the untended wounds ...
                                       ... I lift them 
                                       one by one 
                                       close to my heart 
                                       and I say    holy 


So i wanted to recommend the article in the current MOUNTAIN ASTROLOGER by Liz Greene...

In the article/transcript (based on a talk she gave) she talks about transference and counter-transference within the counseling session, specifically how it applies to an astrological reading. After i read the article i did a personal little tailspin of self scrutiny at the pointy end of the small mind stick. 

It seems so important to just put it out there and be very clear... we all do this...WE ALL DO THIS. We all interact and function in the world through the lens of our own experiences.... much of this lens is shaped by our baggage - the stuff we know about and the stuff we don't. You see and hear through yours and i see and hear through mine... every minute of every day...

...and yet somehow despite all of this, really profound interactions can happen between ourselves and others. When it does, but most especially when it doesn't it is SO very important to have compassion here. For yourself, for other. Yes, it helps when we keep in the fore of our minds that all these subconscious energies are at work beneath the surface, but i don't think it helps if we approach any moment believing it should be other than what it is. I know, that sounds so cliche, but its true.

It is important to keep that window open for the Divine to shine through... you know? There we are in the little cave like cell we make for ourselves - we might have painted the walls in glorious colors, but there are somedays we feel really trapped by our limited perspectives. Somewhere up above though, just keep in your awareness that there is an opening. Possibility is the most wonderous of magic... it can get into the smallest crack if we let it.

So despite of what you carry, healed or unhealed within you - despite of what i carry healed or unhealed in me... i hope that like Rumi's poem:

Beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing

there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.


As Neptune is currently at 5 degrees Pisces, we find him well into the sign he rules and so have perhaps begun to hear his call within us - an inclination to a deepening or a rediscovering of what our own spiritual nature draws forth. His pass here is a process of many years, so one hopes that within this time, our lost selves and parched souls might find a flowering as a result, but for me what is more interesting (perhaps because it is not so immediately obvious) is that we are also being offered tremendous insight into our own Virgo energies. Pisces sits opposite Virgo and therefore can offer the broadest perspective on this sign. Neptune in Pisces will activate Virgo energy through opposition to it. Neptune by its very nature can offer us gentle insight into our universal connectivity… something that often gets buried or forgotten by Virgo’s intense focus on detail.  Even if you don’t have any planets in Virgo, look to the house occupied or cusped by Virgo or look to your 6th house and explore the perspective Neptune offers you into yourself through these points.

Listening to a dharma talk the other day, the question was posed: “would you rather strive for perfection, or would you rather strive for wholeness?”  As someone with a strong Virgo signature it seemed rather fitting that this question find its way with such direct succinctness into my awareness. The response that rose within me was yet another question that cut directly to the bone: “why have i been so willing to settle for perfection?”

Neptune in Pisces suggests that perfection is an ever elusive state; one never fully realized but through Grace. For without this quality to balance it, perfection stands a strong chance of becoming instead a lovely and juicy carrot at the end of a stick, often driven from behind by a whip of guilt or shame or some version of self hate.

There is so much internal and external pressure for us to fix the many things broken and out of wack in our societies, our politics, our cultures, our religions, our families, our relationships, our environment, our lovely precious planet… you name it. The list is long. We are living in a time where Virgo energy – its insight and its dedication is much needed and much called upon. But it can also leave us feeling pinched, stressed out, overwhelmed and intense because the task is so huge and so daunting and so very important. It is easy under this pressure to become blinded as we fall prey to the siren song of perfection and thereby trigger some of the less optimal vibrational paths of Neptune in Pisces such as escapism in any of the many forms available to us.

 I would like however to offer that Neptune in Pisces at this critical juncture of our human family development is in itself a sign from the Universe. Neptune in Pisces calls each of us – however it might manifest in our lives and in our consciousness - to explore this idea of wholeness. It suggests through its opposition to Virgo that we try to withhold our judgment and our ideas of what it might look like… to simply sit deeply with open awareness to the complexity of whatever situation we find ourselves in and to allow wholeness to present itself to us. Allow it to rise up as itself. Neptune here offers the suggestion that we use the Virgo energy to act upon the moment as it unfolds rather than use Virgo energy to direct or dictate how that moment ought to manifest.

When we resist trying to press energy into ideas too small to fully contain them we are in essence inviting Grace to come and sit beside us. It's a scary thing to sit at the edge of possibility and let it flood you with how huge it actually is… and yet we must be ready for it, because Neptune is here, in Pisces calling us to do exactly that and simultaneously acting like a potentially wise and giant anchor point for all the Virgo energy that is concurrently being stimulated within us through opposition.

Neptune offers us the gentle reminder of Grace, telling us that the WHOLE package is invited to sit at the table.


Hope to see some of you at the WakeUp Festival this August. Shoot me an email if you know you are going. I AM!!! If you don't know about it.... check it out www.wakeupfestival.com


Much of my own personal work has been trying to get more in tune with my 3rd house (North Node). This process has led me to a teaching clip of Reginald Ray via Soundstrue.com (which if you don't know the site, i recommend it as they have some really good interviews with healers and spiritual teachers, etc that they stream for you to listen to or fast forward to the next one and so on).

Anyway, in it he talked about how scientists are now convinced that not only is the universe expanding, but the more remarkable thing is that there is no singluar "center" that it is expanding from. Instead what they have come to understand is that EVERYTHING in the universe is expanding from its own center. ...take that in fully for a moment. Can you feel what that means inside your own body? Inside your own heart? What this suggests is that we are the centers of our own universe.

On the one hand we can examine that idea and come to the conclusion that we are all innately self-centered. We can take that down an unhelpful road and use it as an excuse or justification for all kinds of equally unhelpful behaviors.

On the other hand we can examine that idea and really try to open our hearts to what that intrinsically suggests. When i examine it in this light what i see is that everything in our perceptual experience is in fact an outgrowth of our center. In otherwords we create the reality we find ourselves living in. So, if we wish to "discover" the nature of our true selves, we need then only become very AWAKE and interested in whatever reality we happen to be in.

So that horrible news story that you feel so shocked by (aka:judgemental about)... well, what does it teach you about your own Mars function? Or your own Saturn or Pluto? That person at your job, who you can't seem to really feel any compassion towards... what does that teach you about your own 10th house? And what about your spouse or partner, who if they would only change or grow or behave differently, then you could finally be happy or whatever... what does that tell you about your own 8th house? Or your own Venus function?

Astrology teaches us that whatever we don't work, works us. Whatever we do not address and acknowledge inside of ourselves will no doubt find a way to dance with us in a far more tangible form. There are many spiritual traditions that come from a stand point of "owning your reality". Much of the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square is geared to bring those suppressed, denied and unaccepted parts of our selves to the very fore.

So i encourage you to endevor to get really curious about your world and whatever is in it and whatever is happening. See if you can step up to the plate and claim it. 100% of your experience grows out of your own very center. The universe is expanding and we are in fact in the driver's seat... So what quality of vibration are you going to flavor your universe with?