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Much of my own personal work has been trying to get more in tune with my 3rd house (North Node). This process has led me to a teaching clip of Reginald Ray via Soundstrue.com (which if you don't know the site, i recommend it as they have some really good interviews with healers and spiritual teachers, etc that they stream for you to listen to or fast forward to the next one and so on).

Anyway, in it he talked about how scientists are now convinced that not only is the universe expanding, but the more remarkable thing is that there is no singluar "center" that it is expanding from. Instead what they have come to understand is that EVERYTHING in the universe is expanding from its own center. ...take that in fully for a moment. Can you feel what that means inside your own body? Inside your own heart? What this suggests is that we are the centers of our own universe.

On the one hand we can examine that idea and come to the conclusion that we are all innately self-centered. We can take that down an unhelpful road and use it as an excuse or justification for all kinds of equally unhelpful behaviors.

On the other hand we can examine that idea and really try to open our hearts to what that intrinsically suggests. When i examine it in this light what i see is that everything in our perceptual experience is in fact an outgrowth of our center. In otherwords we create the reality we find ourselves living in. So, if we wish to "discover" the nature of our true selves, we need then only become very AWAKE and interested in whatever reality we happen to be in.

So that horrible news story that you feel so shocked by (aka:judgemental about)... well, what does it teach you about your own Mars function? Or your own Saturn or Pluto? That person at your job, who you can't seem to really feel any compassion towards... what does that teach you about your own 10th house? And what about your spouse or partner, who if they would only change or grow or behave differently, then you could finally be happy or whatever... what does that tell you about your own 8th house? Or your own Venus function?

Astrology teaches us that whatever we don't work, works us. Whatever we do not address and acknowledge inside of ourselves will no doubt find a way to dance with us in a far more tangible form. There are many spiritual traditions that come from a stand point of "owning your reality". Much of the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square is geared to bring those suppressed, denied and unaccepted parts of our selves to the very fore.

So i encourage you to endevor to get really curious about your world and whatever is in it and whatever is happening. See if you can step up to the plate and claim it. 100% of your experience grows out of your own very center. The universe is expanding and we are in fact in the driver's seat... So what quality of vibration are you going to flavor your universe with?


I just wanted to put in a quick post since i have not in a while... it is because i am SO BUSY - and part of that has been with readings...

A very big and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has visited in the past couple of months and contacted me (though i wish more of you would leave comments... i might start to think i am hallucinating everything!). 

I hope that all of you realize that i continue to learn so much through your trust and your questions and your interest... and it is not limited to the craft of astrology.

many blessings.

thank you.


So i am reading a lot lately on various house interpretations... One author suggested using the passage of the Sun through the houses to help focus our intentions for our lives and goals. He suggests that we start in the 11th house and choose our "seeds" for the upcoming cycle. As synchronisity would have it, the Sun entered my 11th house the day before i read the suggestions... the universe speaks to us if we only pay attention.  

Suprisingly choosing my seeds this month has been an interesting process and has brought me face to face with some of my biggest issues and the self imposed restrictions that thwart my own happiness. As with most things, when i begin to notice something inside of myself, the universe complies and provides me with many outward opportunities to study and learn.

So this post - in light of our upcoming American Thanksgiving holiday - is simply to remind all of you the importance of Gratitude.... Yes, be Grateful for things that work well in your life, and YES, also be Grateful for the things that cause us to grow and change (whether we want to or not) ... but mostly please try to also remember to be Truely Grateful simply for Yourself. If we can all plant the seed of self-love deeply inside of ourselves and nuture it to grow into a healthy and wholesome plant, it will flower and benefit not only ourselves, but provide beauty and sustainance to everything else around us.


...and so what boon does Saturn in Scorpio provide, you ask?

Honesty. Determination. Capacity to do what is needed.

Saturn in Scorpio can lend you the strength and determination needed to go deeply into yourself and come to grips with an important truth that you haven't felt ready to grapple with. Not only that, but in doing so harden your resolve to make the adjustments in your life and in your psyche necessary to accommodate those truths.

Scorpio has an intense focus. It can be very single minded in its expression of energy. Saturn is comfortable with that. It wants to see tangible results and wants those results to be lasting.

There is a stark quality to this combination. It can be very cut and dried. The paths it tends to choose are not necessarily complicated ones; they can feel dark and hard and barren. This can be daunting. It is meant to be. This energy combination is very much about stripping down to the crux. Where Scorpio can want to cut straight down to the bone in one deep unhesitating slash, Saturn - while no less hesitant - lends a slow, patient thoroughness to this process. How that will manifest for you depends very much on where it falls in your chart and what it aspects along the way.

Saturn is often "feared" for his "hard lessons", but i have found that Saturn mostly requires from us a willingness - a True and Honest willingness for sure - not always easy to come by, especially in the dark and shadowy territory Scorpio frequents. And while Saturn's tasks and lessons feel impossible, they also have that element of seeming so only until we truly embrace them fully and then take the first small unaided step on that long and daunting path. Then Saturn usually offers a helping hand - often in the form of a mentor or guide, or a logical sequence of steps and hoops that have been traveled by others many times before us.

Pay attention to your elders - however they might present themselves. Listen to the hints and clues they might have for you about whatever you are wrestling with. Saturn will often wear the guise of "grandparent" as much as he will wear the mantle of unbending authority. When we refuse to listen to the quieter messages, it often invites him to use less avoidable means.

And if you are needing some "relief" from the strictures Saturn is placing on you, look to the house opposite of where he falls by transit. Remember that there is an innate balance to the universe... nothing acts in isolation and everything moves together in a beautiful dance of give and take.

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