WOW! The class was so rich that there will be a part II in November! i am already looking forward to it.

We got a good look at two gods duking it out in the heavens (Uranus and Pluto) and the angels providing us all an escape route of their design (Neptune)... if you want to know how this translates into your chart... well, you can contact me or just pay really close attention to what manifests for you over the next several years. Good Luck all!


Heading off to another Steven Forrest class in a couple weeks..."Dreaming the Volcano"

 i hope to be charged with some new insights into the current major planetary patterns and how they vibrate through the individual birth charts!


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Thanks so much to the visitor pointing out my need to proof read the Requests page....i have finally done so and now the presentation is much better for it. 

yes, not only do i have all those planets in Virgo, but am an English major to boot (oh dear! shocking isn't it?!)... luckily i also have that Uranus in Libra on the Midheaven - which helps not only to keep those potentially over anal retentive and sometimes self abusive Virgo tendencies in check, but also allows me the complete confidence to fully embrace the run-on sentence and break all grammar rules as i see fit... PHEW!



i'm still evolving, as is this site - so be please be patient as i figure out web design... but look around and see what i've got going so far!


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