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just wanted to put this out there in case you were looking for something to chant around a Winter Solstice fire....

we got a lot of planetary ju-ju out there folks... make use of it!

Blessings of Love all around.

Winter Solstice Calling


*Who are you coming through the trees

To meet myself something needs be freed*           

Strange things are happening

And stranger things will be

When I myself am coming through the trees


Who are you coming through the trees

To greet myself my light must be freed

Strange things are happening

And stranger things will be

Light breaks out, it's flying through the trees


Who are you flying through the trees

I spy a light, shining  -  yes that’s me

Strange things are happening

And stranger things will be

Reaching out, its shining through the trees


Who are you shining through the trees

I greet myself, no stranger more are we

Something has happened here

Something has been freed

A song flies out, *singing through the trees*          

(it goes)        (to the trees through me)        (to me)


Why were’re all getting squoze.

It’s easy to just point and say Pluto and Uranus have entered into a square. Everyone knows about it... ok, but what is actually happening energetically and what is the point of all of this upheaval?

Ok, a square - two big things coming together at right angles. Pluto (ruler of all our deepest unconscious rising up into our conscious) in Capricorn (energy of long haul disciplined practicality, no, the integrity that comes with judging yourself by your own measure of the step that came before, facts and stone, King Lear on the cliff and pan that horny little goat god wooing all the women into dancing naked on the hills) is squaring Uranus (ruler of change, surprises, magic, rule breaking and paradigms where paradox folds into itself making anything possible if only we dared to dream it true) in Aries (the beginning energy, the fire, the heat, the daring to reach through dark earth dreaming of spring, that thing within that reaches towards full expression of its own being). They are far away and move slowly, they separate and come back together moving in and out of this square but never leaving it, becoming exact and passing turning and again. We just had another exact pass. There is one more coming up in March. They really have not moved out of orb for the last couple years. And so everything is amping up and with each exact it’s getting zapped by their current – like being given cardio electric shock.  It is everywhere you look – within, without… high and low… left and right…. Families and nations… the cosmos and the planet.

Pluto and Uranus are in cardinal signs, so while a square there is also a kinship. There is a kind of weddedness to beginning, something new, change, willingness. At the same time Neptune has entered into Pisces. Each time in human evolution that this has happened there has also been a flowering of spiritual consciousness in the collective psyche, you see it in the art and music and religious movements. Neptune rules Pisces, so it is a homecoming. The king returns to his place of power. Pisces is the energy of letting go of self and merging with everything, dissolving. It’s like Neptune has traveled one huge turn around all the energies of the zodiac, most recently through Aquarius who is the energy of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, that crazy prophet from the wilderness of the future having gone as far out as possible and looking into beyond and coming back to try and explain that and guide. It’s like Neptune has gone round and collected every energy’s dreams and all our prayers and every inspiration and now is returning home to melt and let it all flow back into the whole. Everything then feels the effects of this melting pot elixir passing right back into us. The light and the dark of it, from throughout time, all the addictions, all the check outs, all the fog and fantasies and all the fireflies and faeries and voices that speak to us from other places than form – Pisces and Neptune rule these too.

And well, when any of this lands on a sensitive area of your natal chart, it’s like you got the volume on high. You are really tuned to that channel… or rather its tuned to you and it is just gonna squeeze until you let go of whatever you are holding onto that is keeping you from flowing where it and everything with it is going.

The thing with energy though and the miracle of human and this plane of existence is that we can direct it with our simple attention. Pure physics. We magnetize things to ourselves – we are co-creating the very universe we experience. We just have to dream it into being… Dark or light, both together… All those huge planetary energies are moving through our bodies and our consciousness and our own electromagnetic fields and we have the ability to have incredible impact on our future as a result. We have a powerful opportunity to make a conscious choice to dream a Way. It’s not like all this change isn’t gonna happen. It’s been happening and now it has arrived. What would happen if we just let go of everything and fell into ourselves fully and fell into Grace and fell into our deepest longing which is often found only by falling into our deepest fear… what dream would we then scatter before us to seed for the place we land, the place we might awaken into.

My personal grandiose presumptuous suggestion for this solstice:

Say a prayer, make a wish, imagine a dream, flow into possibility... cast it out like a seed before you. That is what this time is for - to make welcome the light. Whatever dark space you have created, let something go, it makes an emptiness for this light to fill. Welcome yourself home. Celebrate the light that you yourself carry that seeded you into existence. We can only do this for others, for the whole, to the extent that we are willing to do this for ourselves. As within, so without.



i know, i know... i have seemingly forgotten about this page... (not true!!!)


Look around at your life, at the lives of your friends - there is a LOT of stuff happening for folks... for me too! Promise to get a post in soon though!


So folks keep asking me about retrograde Venus and I have to admit that I have been a bit obsessed thinking about her as I find myself fully in the throes of primary relationship restructuring. It also makes me rather hesitant to say anything for whatever I do is just covered in my own projections. Though I suspect that this is perhaps always the case, so consider yourselves fairly warned dear reader!

I could throw out all the pat ideas that this time is about re-examining yourself within relational structures so that you might come to a clearer and more integrated understanding of you what you need to thrive and grow. That’s helpful isn’t it? Or how ‘bout more starkly put: this is a time when your shit is in your face and there is no avoiding it, and how other people are going to help you become painfully aware of all the ways you disconnect.  Steven Forrest bullets Venus aim as the need to build rapport or the drive to create bridges between self and other. So an easy way to look at a retrograde Venus is to think about what is necessary to first create that rapport with yourself so that you can effectively engage with other.

I had a Zen teacher who was fond of saying that 90% of everything you experience is projection and while one might find many an argument with that, it does get us thinking in the right direction in terms of learning how to activate high Venus energies. If we are to engage others effectively it is necessary to understand that within ourselves which requires the presence of someone to project upon. Where Venus lands in your chart can tell you a lot about this. Where transiting Venus hits in your chart, you are going to see those areas and ways of being vibrated upon. We all hunger to be cherished or admired or thought well of. That is kind of hardwired into the human pack animal brain. We need our tribe, our pack in order to survive. Whether this is true or not in the modern world is another topic, the bottom line is that this is a vibration we carry in our emotional and psychological DNA, and part of that is seen through our Venus. A partial result of this is that with a Venus function comes something of an ability to be a chameleon. For some folks this skill is very strong and for others it is muted, but we all do it, we all play with the different facets of ourselves, our different ways of being and we work them to create a sense of harmony with those people from whom we feel connected to or desirous of. Part of why we build bridges is because it creates a sense of safety and of belonging and of self-worth. It is a form of power. This is what this energy signature is in part about. And we all have a Venus.

Retrograde Venus I think, as one of its highest openings can be a time when we can go through this dance and watch it from the inside. It seems that our sticky patterns are incredibly self-evident as is our fundamental understanding that there is a separation between self and other that needs be navigated if we are to feel whole. Geez, what do you do with all of this information? How do you not just spin your wheels with it all and make a mess of whatever is going on for you on the relationship front? In Capricorn I think the insights we come to are going to feel very practical, very self- sustaining and very bare bones. It can be an energy that leaves us deciding to just live off rice and beans and taking a certain pride and comfort in that. A retrograde Venus in Capricorn has the feeling of cutting away the fat… of peeling aside the cushion of self-deception and fantasy that we tend to use to protect our deeper more vulnerable selves. Venus in Capricorn retrograde hitting any sensitive area of your chart is going to say “enough already! Let’s get honest about meeting my own needs on this” High Capricorn energy is always the energy of integrity between body mind and spirit and it does not feel an over compelling urge to be nice about it. It’s just factual. This can be really hard on those around us, but I think more deeply this retrograde action calls us to really see how hard it is on ourselves; as we examine what is necessary and what is not, we will inevitably come face to face with some deep pains and shadow places those needs have arisen from. We have the opportunity to look at these things again and perhaps challenge and examine our own ideas of what we believe we need and why.

As this month progresses Venus will retrace her steps taking on Mercury, then the Sun and lastly Pluto as dance partners… How lovely. She weaves a pattern: first engaging the mind and the understanding, working with energies of communication, and then allowing that to filter into consciousness and the more complicated territory of ego and ego projections, and lastly leaning into energies of power struggles and hopefully deep messy truths that are the real doorways for rebirth and regeneration. Anyone feeling retrograde Venus strongly is going to be saying WHAT?! A whole month of this?! And it sounds like it may get worse!!! Wasn’t the last week enough already?  While at the same time if you are really being honest, I’ll bet you also know that what you have brushed upon this past week will require much more than one short month to really get a handle on.

What inside of you needs to be dusted off and brought into the light? What within you needs some polishing? What needs to be sought and aimed for within yourself so that the bridges you build with people have some hope of longevity and sustainability? What needs to change so that the relationship can last? Is it possible? Are your bare bones needs being met and whose responsibility is it to meet those needs in the first place? What is your soul hungry for and how do you go about feeding it? These are complicated questions that deserve to be sifted and sat with. Try not to act rashly now. Try to let this month unfold and pay attention and keep bringing the question back down into yourself.  Low end Capricorn can get pinched off and isolated, low end Venus can blame the other and want to punish. We can turn those low end energies on ourselves as well as other people. Try to just try to be as honest as you can about your own complexity and all the wounds and strengths that go into that. Be honest with yourself about your needs and where they grow from… and what fears and shadows you might need to own truly to see that clearly. Try to bring in a lot of compassion and forgiveness. Allow yourself to be wrong or clueless or less than optimal. Try to engage yourself from a place of lover. Ask yourself this: What about my own ideas would need to change or be let go of for me to Fall In Love With Myself? Can you see yourself from the place of the lover…seeing all the sundry bits, especially those parts that you keep tucked away?

This is a really blessed time when we can bring necessary healing to lives if we so choose. That is the point. We can use this retrograde Venus in Capricorn as a time to feel fundamentally alienated and alone; we can sing that chorus of separateness, but we can also choose to use the insights that perspective might offer us to recognize the ways we need to do some inner work to heal our spirits so that we can build appropriate bridges, so that we can strengthen our bonds on fundamental levels. In order for our relationships to mature and thrive, we need to learn about our own needs and own them. Being honest is only really part of that. We must take responsibility. We cannot be honest if we have not looked deeply into our own needs and owned the responsibility for attending to them.

Is this what retrograde Venus is really about or am I just projecting my own process onto the symbols? Who knows… look at your own life and your own processes at this time and see if it holds any water. Send me your comments. I would welcome any insights!


WARNING, another long post: 

So recently here in Virginia as perhaps you might have heard there was an incident where the parents of a troubled kid were told to take him home as all the hospital beds were full. This story and the tragic results made the news because this was a Senator and his son, but talking to folks I actually know, I see how this is simply the most visible example of something that is happening for many families all over. Why is the chaos so overflowing that so many people in need are having to be turned away and left to figure it out on their own? What is happening and why are so many of our children coming to this edge of despair all at once? As I try to make sense of it and the grief and sorrow I feel and my knee jerk is always to get out my charts and see what subtle and non-subtle forces are at play and what helpful suggestions they might offer us in these times. The obvious is the ongoing Pluto–Uranus square, which I have talked about a bit in earlier posts. I want to look at it though in light of this question and examine a subtler transit of Venus that is acting as a trigger.

Uranus is ruled by Aquarius and so to understand the nuances of this planet’s influence it is helpful to look at Aquarius and the things it governs to help us contextualize Uranus. The big one that jumps out is of course technology and communication. Which means that Uranus can use these things as a direct line for his own energies that wants to expand paradigms and make innovative and rebellious changes. He wants to shatter the ideas we hold to that keep us thinking along well explored paths. We are all plugged in, but young people incredibly so. That is the truth of it. By this very fact, it makes our young people the most direct conduits for the way this Uranian energy is attempting to ground into the culture. Uranus rules Lightening. Lightening is always seeking a ground. That is the nature of it. Uranus works the same way. He is in Aries, and so we are going to see this filtered equally through rash behavior and anger/fear paradigms, as we going to see it filtered through incredible loyalty and courage and a willingness to jump right into the fray and take up arms. Uranus in Aries says I will die to honor my own path. I will die to make change possible. This on the one hand is a very noble sentiment. But I also want to look at the potential shadows here. I don’t know about you, but when I was a teenager life felt absolutely excruciating. I could not look around and find my own truth easily reflected in the culture or the people around me. Granted we are all not black sheep, but given the current energetic environment we have here I would suspect that feeling of isolation to be far more prevalent and far more intense then when I was a kid. The shadow side of this influence is that death can seem like the only viable route to creating a change, especially when the life around you does not mirror any of your truths and you are feeling the rash or rebellious expression of that Uranian desire. Part of what allows the Uranian metamorphosis to manifest in the first place requires a fundamental seed of alienation. That is the burden of the Aquarian-Uranian genius. In order to grasp the future, you must be outside of the fold to some extent. The Age of Aquarius is upon us (if you want a really good article/argument for it to read, please go to Steven Forrest’s website: This also naturally brings with it all the potential for loneliness and fear and rebellion and madness that come with that state. Our prophets and our seers, our geniuses have all been a bit mad. Communicating with god I think does that. You have to be able to loosen your hold. Part of why Uranian energy is always seeking a way to ground, is because is not grounded. That is the paradox wrestled with here, this feeling of separate rebelliousness while also being bound in a kind of deeply symbiotic relationship to the very thing you are rebelling against or feeling isolated from. We need those out there on the edge channeling visions of new possibilities back and thus leading that us into the future and those on the fore need that anchor of us; they need the ground we offer so that the energy being translated does not simply run amuck, with nothing to recieve and hold it.

So we take that and fold it into a square with Pluto. It means that the changes that are taking place are at the deepest emotional and subconscious levels of a whole generation. A new paradigm is unfolding and we are all along for the ride. You know how when you talk to folks and they speak suggesting that if we just hang on we can get through this...? Well, behind that expression is the sense that we all know this is just the beginning.  I am not trying to be a gloom or fear spreader, for that is useless.  I do however feel a need to calling it out. Our kids are there in the fore ahead of us, looking into the abyss of the future and we need to listen to what they are translating back to us. We need to honor the courage required of them to channel this powerful and often scary energy. Our teenagers with so little roots to them are being ridden by this wave of Arian Uranian energy. It is our duty to them to take that energy and help them neutralize it safely.

How do we do that someone asked me the other day? I think we will all do it differently according to our own natures, but I think it has to do with this idea of grounding – of becoming a ground rod and offering the lightening to pass through us and into the Earth, who does have the capacity to hold it. What I think is happening with our kids is that they are being ridden by this energy and have no place to diffuse it to. It is burning them out and up in the act of simply trying to process it. We who have the roots of grown from and experience need to step up and do our part. I imagine that given the physical and practical nature of the Pluto in Capricorn, that the solutions are actually quite tangible ones. Perhaps as easy as releasing static charge any other way… Just reach out and grab hold of them. We need to touch our young people more. They are out there plugged in to their technology more than they are in touch with their bodies. Just reach out and touch them, it will call them back. It will help ground some of that energy. If they are riding a lot of this Uranian electricity, sure it might give a little shock now and then and you will have to deal with the surprise of it, but I just have this gut feeling that it will help more than we can know too. Similarly I think that offering ourselves up in a way to be the carriers for that changing energy will have a strong effect. This is a subtle thing – the willingness part – but I think it also has a very tangible and visible proponent to it. Allow change to happen. Notice where you have been resisting change in your own life, on all the levels, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical… do what you can to open more there. We cannot channel energy when we are holding ourselves closed and in a state of resistance. What can you do to open a wider in a state of trust and allow the energy of the universe to move through you as it needs?

I say all this in light of the Venus transits that have come into the picture this month. So since early November, Venus has been on a journey, paying a visit to all the big giants, one after the other. I think of her as going and seeking counsel as well as compromise. The month began with Venus in sextile to Neptune – a magically energizing beginning to her journey and also an entry point which colors the intention of these series of transits. Neptune helps us to see between the veils, both in terms of hallucination and ecstatic vision. In Pisces, he is seeking to unify energy. He erases barriers so that the ripples of interconnectedness can spread out farther and farther. Through the sextile, he is charging Venus to seek out ways we are interconnected and part of a bigger whole. In Capricorn she is going to be listening with an ear of duty and responsibility. Venus in Capricorn can be incredibly devoted to her charge. From there she moved into conjunction with Pluto (which puts her at a square to Uranus). This has been highlighting our emotional relationships, how we compromise and what we actually need to be in healthy sustainable interactions with the other people around us. This conjunction with Pluto has made it obvious to all of us the things that simply are not working within our relationships. We are being made painfully aware of things we’ve been ignoring or trying to step around or avoid.  Through the square with Uranus we are also seeing all the ways it has been thwarting our own growth and our own truth, as well as getting a pretty good idea of what it might take to make those healthier changes. This can be overwhelming to say the least.  Here recently Venus has moved out of the conjunction-square with Pluto and Uranus and into a sextile with Saturn. Saturn the stern father who counsels her for good or ill through the energizing energy of the sextile… He has been urging to make the knowledge she is filtering more concrete. Saturn wants manifestation. He wants to see lasting and tangible results. What does one do when you have been given these visions and are probably overwhelmed at the hugeness of the task and then suddenly someone is knocking at your front door asking “what are you going to do about it”… Is it any wonder that some of our kids are high-tailing it for any backdoor option? With little outlet to ground, other than more internet is it surprising to see full hospital beds and psychiatric wards, or counselors and therapists who have no room for new patients? And yet Venus’ journey with the giants is not over. We have one more left.  As we hit Thanksgiving Venus moves away from Saturn and into opposition with Jupiter. Jupiter in Cancer went retrograde early November and so he has been traveling backwards to make this meeting with her. To me this signature seems to carry an echo of the Neptune in Pisces energy that began her visits. Jupiter direct and in most signs is highly charged and out there laughing and leaping and generally being larger than life. In Cancer he carries a different wave. It is one that becomes incredibly softer, more intensely nurturing… Cancer to the “n-th” degree. Retrograde that energy becomes very inwardly focused, and Cancer is already a pretty inwardly focused signature. Jupiter retrograde in Cancer asks: How can we nurture ourselves and each other? How can we expand in a healthy way and connect and feed one another? How can we make that sphere larger and more inclusive? (Can you catch the Neptune in Pisces flavor a bit? These feel really complimentary to me). Yet where the sextile with Neptune charges Venus, the opposition to Jupiter does something wholly different. A year ago I would simply have mentioned how there is a polarity at play here and how each acts to correct and compensate for the excesses of the other. I would have said how oppositions give us the most perspective and allow for the broadest field of vision. But here recently I have begun to explore the Vesica Piscis and how it works with energy and polarities. In my Qigong group we have been playing with qi in this way and learning to feel that merging place within our own bodies. It has given me a new understanding for the possibilities available in an opposition. Yes to be sure, an opposition can be a yo-yo or a teeter-totter, or it can be a stale mate of butting heads locked in battle with neither gaining nor losing ground, but it can also be a peaceful still point. Oppositional energies can create a quiet alchemical space that neutralizes through inclusion – through opening. Within this possibility of the Vesica Piscis, a doorway is both created and entered into. It seems to me to be a place of magic and mystery and deep wholeness. It is where we can offer the sundry of possibility we carry and download it all to be grounded and transmuted. It is a cauldron large enough to hold all the polarities of the universe and distil them down. Venus in practical self-sufficient Capricorn who can have the tendency to feel bitter and isolated and utterly alone is moving into opposition with this Jupiter in Cancer who is seeking greater health through feelings of inclusion and expansion into the role of caring for self and other. There is an opportunity here for us I think, a helping hand in the chaos.

It seems a lovely possibility we can actually help tap into and ground through our own internal processes. So those are my thoughts on this unfolding. It seems that there is much assistance and guidance given to us in these very challenging times. It seems clear to me that we are throughout all of the upheaval, continuously being offered a clear hand. We need but take it. We do so by opening and honoring the changes. We need to get very honest about the realities of our lives and be responsible for what we have created, and we need to ground deeply and fully into our bodies, into the earth, into our own innate wisdoms and stand fully and strong there. From that place we can reach out and open to the changes. From that place we can reach out and touch those farther out there on the edges, thereby helping them ground as well. This is something we are doing individually within our own energy bodies, but it is also something we are doing externally with all the dancing the universe can unfold. We are all in this together and each of us plays an inextricable part.

There is a Japanese phrase i send out as closure: Gambate - loosely translates to: "Luck, have courage, you can do it, I believe in you."